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Message from Jenny

I have worked really hard trying to find out the easiest way for you to be able to practise Ask! without posting it on a public platform (eek copyright!). Therefore I have created a WCB group on Noteflight so that I can post some of our pieces for the sole use of the band – please keep all music within the band. I am hoping to do Rumba in Rio as well when I get the score. Please note that I have to write these all out by hand so it isn’t a quick thing. If there are particular parts people are struggling with and would like for practise let me know but I can’t write out everything 🙂

You need to create a (free!) account on Noteflight and request to join the WCB group. This link is to the scores within the group which should also take you to the group.
I have to approve your membership to the group so please be patient with me as I can’t be looking at it 24/7 but I will do my best to add you asap 🙂

A few tips:
– You can select which parts you would like to see by selecting the instruments button (guitar icon) in the top right.
– You can also change whether you see a whole page at a time or a strip view to make it easier to play along.
– You can also make it slower (or faster!) by selecting the 3 horizontal lines under the Noteflight logo, click sound and then adjust the speed %. I would recommend practising your part slowly too!
– You can also just hear your part by double clicking to the left of your part name until the whole line shows red (is selected). That will play your whole part all the way through.
– The percussion sounds are not the true instruments but it gives you the idea! I will try and make an audio file of just the percussion parts for you to play along to and practise. [I’m afraid I was unable to use Musescore due to copyright issues Mahendra. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make it easier to use.]

I am still fairly new to Noteflight as a platform but if you have any tips or cool features you find, please share them to help others. Thanks to Daniel for helping me to set it all up for sharing! 🙂

I hope that you find this a useful tool. Feedback welcome. Any problems, let me know. Happy Practising!

Jenny 🙂

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