HISTORY was brought to life early in 2011 with the resurrection of a long forgotten group.

The Warwick Community Band ended more than 100 years ago, when it disbanded in 1910. A few photos exist from early the 1900s :

Here’s a photo of the Warwick Scout Band from 1920:

Other known bands in Warwick were ‘THE JAZZ BANDS’ these were very active prior to the Second World War 1935-1939. Youth Jazz Bands became popular. They were a very worthwhile, and economic youth pastime. Parents would gather together and make all the uniforms; instrumentation was the ‘KAZOO’ trumpet, with an added percussion section. WARWICK at the time had four of these bands. Competition between them was fierce. The West End Common was often used for practice.

There were at least 4 of these bands around at the time. They were :

Leader : Wal Feasy
Uniform : Blue and White
Marching set piece : A Windmill, to the tune of Nellie Dean.

Major : Cora Clarke
Leader : Len Wilks
Uniform : Royal Stewart Tartan
Marching Set Piece :  Grandfathers clock, to the tune of Grandfathers clock.

Uniform : Red and White

Uniform : Blue and Red

Warwick Girls Band circa 1979


Formed in 1979
Founder/Leader : Ron Everett
Musical Director : Des Mawby
Current Director : John Morton

The Warwick Girls Band started life in the Warwick Youth Centre at Coten End before moving to their current HQ at the Hampton Road in 1982. The band have performed all over the UK including Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena, The Royal Albert Hall. Overseas engagements include Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, and the USA. The band have lead the Disney Parade four times at Euro Disney. They have won many awards in competition, including a 4th place in an international competition of 24 bands at the Wembley Arena. Plus three times British Youth Band Association national concert Band Champions.

Here’s a more up to date photo of the now reformed Warwick Community Band :